Ceramic for fruits and candy

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  • Код товара: 001
  • Длинна,см: 34
  • Ширина,см: 18
  • Количество в упаковке, шт: 6

Конфетница Ракушка 2

Конфетница Ракушка 2..


  • Код товара: 002
  • Длинна,см: 30
  • Ширина,см: 18
  • Количество в упаковке, шт: 11

Конфетница Павлин

Конфетница Павлин..


  • Код товара: 003
  • Длинна,см: 44
  • Ширина,см: 14
  • Количество в упаковке, шт: 12


Всплеск ..


  • Код товара: 004
  • Длинна,см: 39
  • Ширина,см: 18
  • Количество в упаковке, шт: 5




  • Код товара: 005
  • Длинна,см: 47
  • Ширина,см: 16
  • Количество в упаковке, шт: 3

Ракушка «Мечта»

Ракушка «Мечта»..


  • Код товара: 006
  • Длинна,см: 30
  • Ширина,см: 23
  • Количество в упаковке, шт: 10




  • Код товара: 007
  • Длинна,см: 36
  • Ширина,см: 22
  • Количество в упаковке, шт: 12

Конфетница «Два павлина»

Конфетница «Два павлина»..


  • Код товара: 008
  • Длинна,см: 34
  • Ширина,см: 21
  • Количество в упаковке, шт: 6




  • Код товара: 009
  • Длинна,см: 40
  • Ширина,см: 15
  • Количество в упаковке, шт: 12

Корзина «Виноград»

Корзина «Виноград»..


  • Код товара: 0010
  • Длинна,см: 26
  • Ширина,см: 15
  • Количество в упаковке, шт: 9




  • Код товара: 0011
  • Длинна,см: 23
  • Ширина,см: 12
  • Количество в упаковке, шт: 20
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For fruits candy - new ideas for common things

In the process of serving so many housewives are faced with a situation where they do not know what dishes to file biscuits, fruit or candy to the table. Typically, a special dish replaces a deep dish, not very sophistication and elegance. To remedy the situation, using delicate tissues or unusual methods of calculations fruit, but plate is still plate. Therefore, to supply the table of sweets, we recommend the use of ceramic for fruits and beautiful candy.

Original dishes to sweets, delicacies and fruits

For fruits, vases - a special tableware designed for table decorations fruits or vegetables. Sometimes they may be used for feeding nuts or other treats. Candy is best served in small vases of fine-candy. This will make the original dishes any table setting, it adds sophistication and elegance.

Often the receptionist bar or want to treat their customers with sweets or fruit. To this end, perfectly cope for fruits for the bar and candy swan made with a unique design and that will be a real highlight of any interior.

The assortment online store Art Ceramic

We offer cookware store owners to add to its product range a new position of products that clearly moves and become like your customers. Depicted for fruits and candy in the photo in our catalog are made of the highest quality ceramics, which has, moreover, a sufficiently high impact resistance.

This type of cookware will take a long time a place of honor in the kitchen of your customers on weekdays and holidays. For fruits and candy to buy at an affordable price, you can wholesale from the manufacturer Art Ceramic in Ukraine.

The reasons that will convince you to return on bulk purchases in Art Ceramic:

We carry the highest quality products at affordable price. Each product has a unique design. Any buyer can choose the items that will interest potential buyers and make a range of products rich and exclusive. Payment for orders can be made convenient for you, delivery is carried out in the shortest possible time.

Hurry to bring to their customers design of the apartment a little bit of comfort and a festive mood - add to its range for fruits and candy, and then be ready to serve customers interested and grateful!